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Exploring the bottom shelf of the gas station malt liquor cooler gives me such immense satisfaction.  It’s like a game- try to find the most bizarre alcoholic concoction for as little money as possible.  Of course to play this game, you must be willing to risk that the beverage you select will A.) taste absolutely foul, B.) make you feel sick to your stomach, or C.) all of the above.  Despite these risks, I still thoroughly enjoy the game; nothing says “I’m a winner!” like when I succeed in finding a drink that is both cheap and delicious, after much trial and error.  Also I am broke, so there’s that reason.

The subject of today’s Gas Station Schwill blog is, (drumrolll please): Mike’s “Harder” Limeade! I bought one of these little guys last weekend, largely because I’m obsessed with limeade and felt that I owed it to myself to give it a try.  And I have to say- I was more than pleased.  This is different than regular Mike’s Hard products because it is 8% alcohol rather than 5% (hence the name “Harder”), but pleasantly enough there was almost no gross alcohol-y aftertaste… even less so than the original kind . Yaaaayy.  But the main attribute that makes Mike’s Harder Limeade leagues better than original Mike’s Hard Lemonade is the simple fact that it is not lemonade.  Now, I have never been a hater of hard lemonade; I like to indulge in the stereotypical “girly” beverage once in a while.  However, its insane sweetness usually leaves me with a pounding headache and the desire to scrub my mouth out with soap after only one or two.  That’s why this limeade is way more enjoyable than it’s sugary cousin- it is tangy instead of sweet, and after drinking a 24 ouncer, I still loved the taste of it and could easily have had more. Win!  For $2.19, I’d say it was a success.  Official verdict: worth it.


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