Buffalo named Donna

I’ve never been able to fully explain my emotional attachment to Donna the Buffalo, but that’s half of what makes them so special- trying to explain them doesn’t really work. Their sound brightens my spirits and comforts me like some weird metaphorical blanket knitted from fiddle strings and sawdust.  They exist in a perpetual balance of peculiar jubilance and delicate rumination that makes me want to boogie one moment and chokes me up the next.   Their music is warmly familiar, like something recognized from a dream… it brings about a feeling of Deja Vu that’s happily disorienting and soothing at the same time.  An anomaly in the very best sense of the word.


2 thoughts on “Buffalo named Donna

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I feel so happy when I listen to DTB. It’s like I’ve been listening all my life when I only discovered them 7 years ago at my first MagnoliaFest. I surprised my husband by having his wedding band engraved, “each and every direction”. Thanks for this great description of my favorite band!

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